The Concrete House


The clients wanted a highly sustainable yet glamorous contemporary design, which could prise them away from their current home, 'Marylands', a fascinating blend of Moorish and Arts & Crafts influences. They were clear from the outset what they did not want: a series of rectilinear glass boxes. The challenge was that the scheme was in the Green Belt and also in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and needed to be Exceptional Architecture to pass Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

In response, our design is conceived as a flowing concrete structure, the complex curving geometry of which suggests an on-site moulded process. The house and landscape represent a series of interlocking and intertwining elements, inspired by the natural environment. The building creates new gently flowing contours on the site that generate a fluid interaction between the building and the landscape, with large glazed areas reflecting the natural setting. The plan takes inspiration from the natural curved and irregular forms of the local yew trees which, with their multiple layers and superimposition of elements, help the building sit in harmony with the spectacular rural landscape. We received planning approval by committee without appeal.

CLIENT Confidential
Status In-progress
Date 2014-17


Architect Burrell & Mistry Ltd
Construction Management Founded Studio
Mechanical Engineer Enhabit
Consulting Engineer Webb Yates